Policy & Procedure

At AM Consulting we undertake to prepare your policies and procedures as per the best market practices. Our team of experts will sit with your management to understand the current business process and conduct a brainstorming session to understand the gaps in internal controls.

Upon collection of the relevant information, our team will write the various policies and procedures which are in line with best market practices for your industry.

Why AM Consulting?

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals has a thorough knowledge of preparing the various policies and procedures.

We specialize in preparing the following policy manuals

  • Production Policies & Procedures
  • Marketing Policies & Procedures and Marketing Strategy
  • Administrative Policies and Procedures
  • Asset Management Policies and Procedures
  • Private Equity Policies and Procedures
  • Purchasing Policies and Procedures
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • Financial and Accounting Policies and Procedures