Business Restructuring

When a company is in distress and business is not doing well, AM Consulting assists you to restructure the organization to ensure that the shareholders get the best returns. Using benchmarks and best practices from industry peers we give concrete recommendations on how to improve profitability and liquidity.

Our restructuring process is as follows:

  • Market Position: The focus is placed on core markets and potentially profitable business fields.
  • Value-based Business Model: We optimize customer, product and technology, define core skills and bring the organization in line with the strategy.
  • Operational Improvement: The focus here is placed on lean organizations and processes.
  • Financial Restructuring: We determine liquidity needs and the requirements for a sound capital structure through the use of integrated financial planning.

We can assist you to arrange financing and negotiating with banks to reduce the interest rate or to restructure the current loans.

How do we achieve this?

  1. We come to you with our team of experts to understand your finance requirements.
  2. We will make the financial plan and meet the banks locally and in the region to discuss with at least 3 to 5 banks.
  3. Upon obtaining approval from at least 2 banks, we come back to you to ensure the financing is at the best interest cost.
  4. Payment is procured from the clientonly when the finance is arranged. We work on No Success – No Fee policy.
  5. Valuation
  6. Valuing all or a part of a business is crucial to achieving a successful outcome in a merger or any other transaction and can be a significant part of a company’s restructuring planning as well as negotiations with creditors. In such situations, inaccurate or unrealistic valuations can cost a company time and money. The keys to overcoming these constraints are:
    (1) A comprehensive understanding of the business and its value drivers,
    (2) An independent and thoughtful opinion, and
    (3) The ability to credibly and successfully defend the result.
  7. Our Financial Valuation process follows the basic 5 steps for any type of valuation
    • Planning
    • Financial Statement Analysis and Projections
    • Choosing valuation method
    • Applying selected valuation method
    • Determining the business value